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Elessar Hounds - Silken Windhounds excelling in temperament, movement, structure and performance
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Isis is an elegant, lovely, silly and snuggly girl who loves to run, play and then run a little more. Isis has done beautifully in both show and performance venues, having earned her conformation championships at only 2 years old and her racing championship at 3, becoming one of the first and youngest Silken Windhound dual (conformation and racing) champions. At 3, Isis also became the first Silken Windhound ISWS Champion to earn a lure coursing championship. In addition to being a snuggly little girl, Isis is a well-rounded, stellar athlete with amazing structure and movement, having earned titles from Best in Show and Best In Specialty Show to Straight Racing Champion, Lure Coursing Champion and Intermediate Courser.

Isis - Best in Show
Isis winning Best in Show (all breed) in Placerville, CA

Success certainly hasn't gone to her head - Isis is the first to sweetly curl up in my lap in the morning and evening (and any time I am sitting down in between), and the first to leap into my arms when I return home from anywhere (and fortunately she is tiny enough that leaping into my arms isn't a crushing blow). Isis loves to watch television with us, and her favorite dvd is Planet Earth.

Isis - breezy head turn

Isis participated in the first ever Silken Windhound lure coursing trials in California in early 2009, and she has consistently placed in the points at every trial. She earned almost half of the points for a lure coursing champion in only a month, demonstrating that she truly is an all-around terrific athlete as well as a sweet, loving friend. Within only 7 months of lure coursing, Isis earned her lure coursing championship, in July 2009.

She was the first ever Silken Windhound conformation champion and the first racing champion to earn a lure coursing championship.

Strider and Isis race practice - winter in PasoRobles
Strider and Isis - Paso Robles in Winter

Isis even as a puppy has lived up to her name as a queen or goddess, exuding mystery, elegance, confidence and regal presence. With her refined structure and exotic markings, combined with an effortless, ground-covering gait, Isis has been referred to by conformation judges as a 'porcelain doll' who 'floats' when she moves with 'great reach and drive'.

Isis - head turn

Isis - Best of Breed ring Boofest 08

Isis encompasses a wonderful blend of her parents' natures, being loving and affectionate, silly and regal, happy, giggly and playful. She has her mommy's silly, loving, goofy nature, giggling when she gets up in the morning, when she sees human or canine loved ones, when it is time to eat, and any number of other gleeful moments. Isis has loved the water from the first moment. We took her to the ocean at a few months old, let her off the leash, and she immediately ran head-first into the first oncoming wave. Like her daddy, Isis has demonstrated that she is a swamphound extraordinare. She loves to run, spin, dive, and play.

Isis - play with Strider in waves

Isis has done beautifully in the show ring, finishing her ISWS championship and Rarities/NAKC championship at only two years old. At 18 months, she won two five point majors including Best of Winners and Best Opposite over champion Silkens, and at two years old, she blossomed - winning BEST IN SHOW in her first show of the year followed by Best Opposite in Specialty Show, Best of Breed and 9 Best Opposite in Breed wins. Isis clearly loves showing and being the center of attention, and my greatest challenge in the show ring with her is convincing her that her feet should occasionally touch the ground, as she gleefully flies through the air with the greatest of ease. In spite of her small size, Isis has demonstrated that she is a force to be reckoned with in the show ring.

Isis Best Opposite in Specialty - July 08
Isis winning Best Opposite in ISWS Specialty Show and Finishing her ISWS Championship in Oregon City

Isis Best Opposite April 09
Isis winning Best Opposite Sex in Breed, handled by Michael, in Placerville, CA

Isis started straight racing at almost 3 years old and finished her straight racing championship in only a few months! She loves chasing 'the bunny' and is extremely focused and beautiful to watch, with her smooth double-suspension gallop and great drive. Isis loves to run and also clearly loves 'the game'. It is a lot of fun to see the joy that running brings her. She is a little girl with a huge heart.

Isis - race

Isis started playing another new running game recently (in all of her free time), participating in the first ever Silken Windhound oval racing meet in November 2008. She did well and had a lot of fun - she seems to like the oval track as it gives her more running room to get around the big boys.

Isis - oval race
Isis oval racing - photo by Rick Steele

Isis stats:

ISWS and Rarities/NAKC Championships at 2 years
ISWS Straight Racing Championship (SRC) at 3 years
IABCA Championship at 3 years
Coursing Qualified (CQ) and Intermediate Courser (IC) at 3 years
ISWS Field Championship
(ISWS FCh) at 3 years
First Silken Windhound ISWS Champion (conformation and racing) to earn a Field Championship
Best in Specialty Show at 2010 "Boofest" Western Regional Specialty

20 1/2" at 4 years
MDR1 Clear
CERF and OFA Thyroid Certified

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Isis head with poppies - 7 months
Isis at 7 months

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