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Strider is the King of Elessar and knows it. He is a regal, social, incredibly intelligent boy. He is independent and can clearly think for himself yet truly loves to please me. We took a couple of fun obedience classes together, and Strider picked up all of the commands we taught him almost instantly. Being a free thinker, he does at times clearly question why we would ask him to do something that doesn't seem 'logical' to him, and the expression on his face if I ask for a second sit so quickly after the first makes it hard not to laugh! A truly happy dog, Strider finds great joy in the little pleasures in life - a new toy, a nice lawn, good friends and family. He constantly reminds me to 'stop and smell the roses', as life is too short to not enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Strider with ball

Strider is a swamphound extraordinaire, preferring the beach to the dog park, running and diving through waves to running on the beach, and splashing in any form of water he can find to playing on dry land. We are very fortunate to have a couple of very nice dog beaches within a twenty minute drive from home, and Strider clearly knows the way to all of them, getting excited as soon as we start heading in the 'right' direction.

Strider - romp in waves

While Strider has a high level of drive, he is amazingly gentle with small children, puppies and even our cat. We learned when Strider was only a couple of months old (see puppy pictures) that he was very careful to adjust his play to other dogs or puppies. There were some extremely tiny, timid puppies including a very tiny, young Dachschund in Strider's puppy kindergarten class. Strider would see this little Dachschund puppy across the room, stop tumbling with the big dogs to run over to several feet away, slow to nearly a crawl, and let her approach him as he made himself look as tiny and unthreatening as possible so she would play with him. Strider was the only puppy in the class who was allowed to choose whether to play with big or small dogs because of this ability. Strider is also gentle around small children, and loves our young niece Maya who was very afraid of dogs until she met him. It took some time, patience and encouragement from Strider, but she now loves him, kisses him, hugs him and even calls him on the phone.

Strider - self-stack

He is also very good and gentle with our cat Porthos, although he does occasionally try to share his toys with poor Porthos. There was a time when I heard barking outside and went to see what the trouble was - Strider had created a little pile of all of his toys in front of the cat and was play bowing to invite Porthos to play with him!

Strider - with Porthos

Strider loves to play. He likes to play with us, other people of all ages, cats, dogs and anyone else he can 'talk' into a game of fetch or 'chase the bunny'. When he is the bunny in a game of chase, Strider will generally slow down just enough to let his pals stay within range. It's fun to watch him switch gears from a fast game of chase with another sighthound to a more loping game with a bigger friend.

Strider - chase

Strider had a back injury in 2005 that prevented him ever starting a race career, but he has a lot of fun at the occasional practice with family and friends. His daughters have really proven that he carries the "running genes", though. The #1 and #2 straight racing Silkens of 2006 and #1 female racing Silken of 2007 were Strider's daughters, Ella and Shadow, from his first breeding. Ella went on to earn her Straight Racing Champion Excellent (SRCX) title and was the second female in the country to earn this honor. Strider's daughter, Isis, from our Garden Roses litter in 2005 out of Kyra, is also quite a little speedster. Isis earned her straight racing championship in only 8 months. Silken Windhound lure coursing in California started in January 2009, and Isis and Ella were the first two Silken Windhounds in California to earn their Lure Coursing Championships (and two of the first four in the country). Strider's daughters, Shadow and Elana, are both excelling in lure coursing as well.

Strider - self-stack2
Strider practice racing with his daughter Isis at home in Paso Robles (Winter)

Strider has sired some stellar Silkens who excel in all sorts of different arenas. Strider's sons Stone and Tuscan have earned their CGC titles, and their half-sister Reba goes to work with her owner at Guide Dogs for the Blind. Our two puppies from Strider and Kyra's litter, Isis and Tuscan, are both Best in Show winning ISWS and Rarities/NAKC and IABCA champions. Tuscan was the third Silken Windhound in the country to earn a Rarities/NAKC Grand Championship (defeating 15 Champions). Isis was our first home-bred ISWS dual champion, having earned both her conformation championship and her straight racing championship, and she was the first Silken Windhound in the country to earn championships in all three venues - conformation, racing and lure coursing. Strider's son out of Ginger, Gabe, has won Best in Specialty Show in addition to several Best of Winners and Best Bred By Exhibitor in Specialty wins.

Strider - trot

Strider quickly earned his American, Canadian and International Rarities Championships, with four Best of Breed and Best in Hound Group in the same weekend. Strider has won Best of Breed and Best in Group nine times over some outstanding ISWS and Rarities Champions and was the #2 Rarities Silken Windhound for 2005. Strider came out of retirement in fall of 2008 at the request of our friend Dennis, and the two of them won Best in Specialty Show at the Western Regional hosted by Silken Windhounds of California in Livermore.

Strider - self-stack2

Strider and I recently took a couple of Rally-O classes, and he did beautifully. Strider is very sensitive to my cues and my stress-level, so rally is much more fun for both of us than showing. He focuses very well on me when he has a job to do and enjoys learning and working. We don't have many opportunities to exhibit our rally skills, but we did have a Novice level scored practice where Strider earned 97/100 possible points and had a blast. Hopefully we will have more Rally-O opportunities in the future.

Strider - stay
Strider - staying in a stand with distractions (toy, park, people and dogs)

2012 was a hugely successful year for Strider. He started the year by earning his straight racing championship (SRC) in January.

We started showing Strider again in 2012 to support Silken Windhounds becoming a UKC breed, and he earned his UKC Championship and UKC Grand Championship in only a few weekends. Although Strider won Best in Specialty Show at Boofest (Western Regional Specialty) 2009, ISWS only counts a small number of approved shows each year as 'ISWS majors', and that particular show (although with a reputable judge and large number of Champion Silkens) did not count toward an ISWS Championship. With all of Strider's UKC successes, we decided to show him again at Boofest 2012. Strider was so happy in the ring, and he moved beautifully. Under Judge Rick Beauchamp, Strider earned his ISWS Championship in style with Best of Winners, at 9 1/2 years young.

Strider - stay

Photos of Boofest 2012 (Strider at 9 1/2 years) by Iola Stetson

Strider Moving - Boofest 2012

Strider stats:

Rarities/NAKC Championship at 2 years
#2 Rarities/NAKC Champion at 2 years - 2005
Sire of #1 and #2 racing Silkens in 2006
Sire of #1 racing female in 2007
Sire of #2 Rarities/NAKC Silken Windhound 2008
Best in Specialty Show at 5 years in 2008
Sire of second female SRCX in 2009
Sire of first two California (and two of first 4 worldwide) Silken Lure Coursing Champions 2009
Coursing Instinct Certified (CIC) at 6 years

Sire of #4 UKC conformation Silken Windhound in 2011

Straight Racing Championship (SRC) in 2012
UKC Championship in 2012
Best of Winners at Specialty Show in 2012 to complete his ISWS Championship at 9 years
Sire of #2 UKC conformation Silken Windhound in 2012

22 7/8" at 5 years
MDR1 Clear
CERF Normal
OFA Thyroid Normal
OFA Heart Normal
Statistically likely to be Lotus Clear

See Strider's pedigree.

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Strider - stay
Strider playing with daughter Ella - IABCA Int'l Champion Tangaloor Eleanor of Rubia SRCX, IC, LCC, when she was a puppy

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