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Kyra - Elessar Hounds
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Kyra - dreamy
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Kyra has what I would consider the quintessential Silken Windhound personality. She is strikingly elegant but silly, refined and graceful but very playful, charming and sly without a mean or deceptive bone in her body. Kyra loves people, dogs and small animals, wags her tail on cue, and kisses and giggles her way through life.

Kyra - front

We are forever grateful to Francie Stull of Kristull Kennel, the Silken Windhound breed founder, for blessing us with Kyra. At nine months old, Kyra came to live with us at Elessar, and now we can not imagine life without her. See pictures of Kyra as a puppy and young lady.

Kyra - self-stack

Kyra adores people. She can be in a really great new park with lots of other dogs to distract her and still focus beautifully on me if I ask. While she loves to play with dogs, it is her love for people that can impede getting great pictures, as she would generally prefer to snuggle than pose for pictures!

Kyra - with Maya

Kyra adores Strider, and the two of them are inseparable. Kyra learned very quickly that she could charm Strider out of just about anything. She will stare at him, wiggle and giggle, grin and snuggle up to him and put her head on his front paws if he has something (like a chew toy) that she wants. He, being a gentleman, will almost always let her have her way, although there are times when he will watch her take his toys with a sad little sigh.

Kyra - with Strider

Although not an official swamphound, Kyra does love to get her feet wet in the shallow waters, especially if there are other dogs to chase in and out of the waves. She will joyfully run with Strider and other dogs for hours at the beach. Kyra has had a couple of practices with straight racing and LOVES to 'chase the bunny'.

Kyra - run

Kyra - happy run

Kyra has had a very successful show career, with wins ranging from Best Puppy in Group to Best of Winners in Specialty Show and Best Champion. Kyra's balanced and moderate structure and her flowing, effortless movement, as well as her affectionate, easy-going temperament, pay tribute to her pedigree, which can be seen here. As you can see below, though, success has not gone to her head, as she is just as relaxed on the showgrounds as anywhere else.

Kyra - Best of Winners
Kyra - self-cuddle

Kyra's puppies have so far exceeded our expectations. Her son Tuscan has earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen award (CGC) and his UKC Grand Championship, ISWS Championship and NAKC Grand Championship, as well as winning multiple Best in Show (all-breed UKC, all-breed NAKC and Specialty shows), multiple Reserve Best in Show (all-breed shows and Specialty shows), and many other conformation awards as well as straight racing champion points. Tuscan was the #4 UKC Silken Windhound and the 2008 #2 NAKC Silken Windhound, and one judge described him as the "archetype" Silken Windhound. Our pick girl from Kyra's first litter, Isis, is also an all-breed Best in Show winner and has earned her straight racing championship in only a few months followed by her lure coursing championship, making her the first Silken Windhound to ever earn championships in all 3 venues - conformation, racing and lure coursing. Both Isis and Tuscan share mommy Kyra's grace, beauty and joy. Kyra's other puppies are doing great in a variety of venues, with one daughter going to work daily with her owner at Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Kyra - self-stack

Kyra's second litter, sired by Gryffyn's Aeyrie Ready to Fly, ThD, AACR, was born in March 2008 and show great promise. Her daughters Marvel and Storm and son Surfer are as sweet and giggly as Kyra, and they have done remarkably well in the show ring with wins including Best Puppy in Show, Best Puppy in Specialty Show, Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Specialty, Winners Dog and Winners Bitch, and Storm and Marvel respectively earned Winners Bitch and Reserve Winners Bitch at the Silken Windhound Nationals. Kyra's daughter, Storm, has the honor of being the youngest Silken Windhound straight racing champion ever, earning her straight racing championship at only 13 months and Highest Scoring female at the National Race Meet. Storm then went on to become one of the first three LGRA (all-breed racing) straight racing champions, and is the only female Silken Windhound to ever earn the SRCXII title (straight racing champion excellent II). Although we used to call Storm our 'racer chick', she is pretty stellar in conformation too, demonstrated by becoming the 5th Silken Windhound UKC Champion nationwide.

Kyra - flowers
Kyra - head shot 2

Kyra stats:

Rarities/NAKC Championship at 2 years old - 2006
ISWS Championship at 2 years - 2006
Mother of 1st California and 3rd worldwide NAKC Grand Champion 2008
Mother of #2 Rarities/NAKC Silken Windhound 2008
Mother of #1 straight racing female (in top 10) 2009
Mother of Silken Windhound National Race Meet Highest Scoring Female 2009
Mother of 1st California and 3rd worldwide Silken lure coursing champion (ISWS FCh) 2009
Mother of first Silken to earn championships in 3 venues - conformation, racing and lure coursing 2009
Mother of #1 straight racing female 2010
Mother of #5 ISWS Straight Racing Silken Windhound 2010
Mother of Silken Windhound Nationals Winners Bitch 2010
Mother of 1st California and 4th worldwide UKC Grand Champion 2011
Mother of 2nd and 3rd California UKC Champions 2011
Mother of #4 UKC Silken Windhound 2011
Mother of #6 UKC Silken Windhound 2011
Mother of #1 straight racing female 2011
Mother of #4 ISWS Straight Racing Silken Windhound 2011
UKC Championship - 2012
Mother of 2nd (tied) Silken LGRA Racing Champion (GRC) 2012
Mother of 1st female Silken Windhound Straight Racing Champion Excellent II (SRCXII) 2012

21 1/2"
DNA Tested
MDR1 Carrier
CERF Normal
OFA Thyroid Normal
OFA Cardiac Normal
CEA Clear

No Lotus in 3 litters

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